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Supporting positive development and wellbeing

Providing access to comprehensive, integrated health and social services to underserved children, youth and families living in Vanier or who go to a Vanier school.

What we do

  • Give children and youth a voice in their own care and draw on their strengths as well as those of their family and community.

  • Bring together dedicated healthcare, social, educational, legal and other community partners to support the needs of children and youth.

  • Provide children, youth and families with resources and address their needs under one roof. 

  • Offer comprehensive medical and social evaluations.

  • Collaborate with community partners.

  • Connect children and youth with community wellness programs.

  • Provide multilingual services.

Child Psycholgist
Father and son hugging at graduation.

Why we do it

  • All children and youth have the right to reach their full potential.

  • Helping children, youth and families is the best investment we can make in order to ensure a brighter future for everyone. 

  • Connecting children, youth and families to essential resources, health and social providers in a safe space ensures they can thrive, blossom and reach for their dreams.

Who is it for

  • Children and youth age 17 and under.

  • Children and youth who live in Vanier or who attend a school in Vanier.  

  • Children and youth who experience psychosocial stressors.

Mother helping child with homework.

How it works


Families can self-refer by contacting the Hub by phone or email, or have a referral made by another healthcare provider or school.


Our team of professionals will complete a comprehensive health and social assessment of the child, youth and family.

 Integrated Plan

We work with the child, youth, family and community to develop an integrated and individualized plan to support a positive life trajectory.

What Hub families are saying

“If everyone followed your example, we would have fewer problems and happier people.”

“Thank you to everyone at the VSPH for all the amazing work you are doing!”

“Thank you VSPH for offering your services in both French and English.”

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