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A community-based approach to care for children, youth & their families in the Vanier neighbourhood.

Four smiling children
  • Created in 2017, the Hub is the first of its kind in Ontario. Based on the child and youth-centred model of integrated social medicine developed by Montreal pediatrician, Dr. Gilles Julien, the Hub uses a community approach that embraces the principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • The Hub brings together a multidisciplinary team with expertise from the medical, legal and social science fields. Assessing a child's physical, mental, social and emotional wellbeing within the context of their family and community allows us to perform a more comprehensive assessment.

  • Pediatricians, nurse practitioners, social workers, educators, lawyers and other professionals work collaboratively to promote the optimal health of children and youth and reduce sources of toxic stress and risk factors that affect their development.

  • The Hub provides a warm welcome for children, youth and families in a nurturing environment, where the physical space has a family-friendly “kitchen table” feel with snacks and toys in the heart of Vanier with easy access for our families.

father and son looking at computer while sitting on front steps.

The Vanier Social Pediatric Hub supports children and youth to develop to their full potential.

Learn more about our dedicated and compassionate team 

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